27th April 2023

DASAs Tips for a smooth move!


Planning on moving house soon? Well, why not follow our tips for a smooth move?

Good planning is essential for a successful and easy move. Whether you are moving long distance or locally, this blog will help you to get ready for your move. Moving is never an easy task, whether you are moving in with a partner, moving house to a new town, or even relocating to a new country or back to your hometown. The never-ending to-do list can seem daunting with all the tasks you need to complete, but here are our tips for a smooth move!

Let’s get started!

What will I take with me?

Moving is a great time to have a good spring clean and sort out your belongings.  During the clear-out think about what is essential and what you would like to keep. It is very common for people to reduce the shipping volume drastically by having a spring clean.

What should I keep and what should I leave?

Like everyone who has moved locally or internationally, there will be a time when you need to decide what you are taking to your new destination. It always helps to visualize your new home and then make piles of ‘going’ ‘not going’ and ‘maybe going’. You need to think about whether it matches the aesthetic of your new home before you decide what to take.

If you are like me and have 3 piles but everything is in the ‘maybe going’ pile, then ask yourself the below questions to help make your decision.

  1. How important is this item to me?
  2. Is there any emotional attachment? (family heirloom or sentimental item)
  3. Is it in good condition?
  4. Will it match the aesthetic of the new house?
  5. Is it easily replaceable?

Once you have made your decision, you will have a better idea of what you are taking and will know the volume better. If you have some items which you will need sooner than later in your new house you might consider air freight if you are moving abroad, this is much quicker than the standard method of sea freight.

The pre-move Survey.

We recommend that you choose two to three movers with a good reputation and give at least six to eight weeks before you plan to move. Make sure you look for FIDI-accredited moving companies as they are the best in the business. (DASA were the first company in the Middle East to be FIDI Accredited.)

When your surveyors arrive, it is imperative that you provide all surveyors the same information to ensure the quotes are all based on the same requirements, giving a like-for-like basis to ensure you are comparing apples with apples, otherwise, the quotes will be based on different criteria which will affect the volume and in turn affect the cost of the move.

What to discuss with your mover?

If you have any worries, make sure you discuss with your surveyor. Write down all you questions and queries and discuss them with your surveyor.

Make sure you discuss valuables such as jewellery, sentimental item, and fragile items that may need extra protection such as crating. If you are moving abroad and shipping via sea freight etc. then all fragile items such as TVs, pianos, Glass Vases, etc. should be crated (wooden crate for extra care).

Items to discuss.

  1. Jewellery
  2. Items that may cause issues at customs: firearms and alcohol.
  3. Items that require specialist cleaning prior to shipping: I.e., boats, motorcycles, cars, garden furniture
  4. Electrical goods – will they work in your new destination?
  5. Fragile items to ensure they are marked as fragile


We hope this guide helps you make your next move as smooth as possible and removes the stress from the process. If you are struggling and need any more information for clarity, you can always ask your surveyor on the day. You can even visit our website or social media pages for helpful information. (www.dasagoingbeyond.com or DASA International Movers on Socials)

We’re here to support you every step of the way!