21st August 2023

Expatriate Checklist: Preparing to Leave the UAE

Family leaving the UAE

Family leaving the UAE

Preparing for Repatriation: Essential Steps Before Leaving the UAE

Repatriation is a significant milestone for expatriates, marking the end of an overseas adventure and the return to familiar shores. While the prospect of heading home can be exhilarating, a hasty departure without settling personal and legal affairs can lead to unexpected complications in the future. To ensure a smooth transition, here are crucial steps you need to take before leaving the UAE:

1. **Cancelling Your Phone Contract**

Before you pack your bags, make sure to cancel your phone contract. Different providers have varying policies and cancellation charges, so it’s crucial to check with your specific provider. For DU users, clearance of outstanding fees will get you a confirmation within 72 hours, whereas Etisalat provides instant confirmation. Virgin customers, take note: your account stays active until the renewal date, after which it’s automatically terminated. Avoid surprises by verifying all dues are cleared.

2. **Disconnecting Home Broadband**

Disconnecting your home internet requires a little forethought. Contact Etisalat directly through their helpline (101) or visit a local store for assistance. Planning ahead is key; provide more than 48 hours’ notice to ensure a hassle-free cancellation. DU users, remember to clear any outstanding fees and be prepared to pay for an extra month if your contract is still active.

3. **Closing Bank Accounts and Credit Cards**

Neglecting your financial obligations can lead to headaches down the line. Start the bank account and credit card closure process 2-3 months before your departure to navigate any potential delays. Although procedures vary by bank, a personal visit can expedite the process. Completing an account closure form and coordinating with the bank’s closure team will safeguard your financial peace of mind.

4. **Shutting Down Water and Electricity Accounts**

Ensure your utilities are squared away before departure. Contact the relevant authority (like DEWA) in your emirate, schedule a final meter reading, and communicate your move-out date. After paying the final bill, secure a letter of closure to confirm your accounts are officially closed.

5. **Cancelling Your Residence Visa**

Your employment visa must be cancelled before you exit the UAE. Inform your employer and submit your visa for cancellation to avoid legal pitfalls.

6. **Clearing Outstanding Traffic Fines**

Avoid future legal issues by clearing any outstanding traffic fines. Use the RTA app to check for any fines and contact the appropriate driving authority in your emirate to settle them.

**Final Thoughts**

Leaving the UAE requires more than just packing your belongings. By systematically addressing these key tasks, you can ensure that your departure is as smooth and stress-free as your stay. Taking the time to wrap up these loose ends not only prevents unforeseen issues but also allows you to look back on your time in the UAE fondly, with no strings attached

RTA : www.rta.ae/wps/portal/rta/ae/home?lang=ar 
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