11th January 2024

Manchester to Dubai Relocation: A DASA Client’s Journey

We caught up with one of our clients who made a move from Manchester to Dubai and asked some questions about the move and the process.

Let’s begin!

  1. What prompted your move from Manchester to Dubai?
    We had always wanted to move out of the UK, and it was either Portugal or the UAE. Once we started reading up and researching the topic more, we both decided to settle on Dubai. Whilst Portugal looked appealing, my wife preferred Dubai as she had often visited with her family, me on the other hand had never been, so I was like a fish out of water, but thankfully DASA really helped me find my feet in regard to visas and paperwork.
  2. How did you find using a relocation company?
    Having done some extensive research on relocating a lot of the blogs I read all had ‘FIDI’ somewhere around the blog, so I read up on FIDI and then FIDI companies in Dubai and seen on ‘Brits Dubai’ that DASA were a FIDI company and one of the oldest movers in the country. So after a bit more reading up and review checks, we decided to go with them. There were plenty of other movers in Dubai but DASA ticked all the boxes.

    What made you choose DASA over others?
    Your reviews were great, and you were very popular with the expat groups. From reading into you, I found out that you were 40ish years old and probably one of the most experienced in Dubai. We also loved that you took care of everything and made the move effortless. We did look at other companies, but they were too salesy and just wanted me to sign up but your man, James? He was very easygoing and made me feel at ease.

  3. What were your initial requirements and expectations from the company?

    At first, we were just looking for a company to move us from Manchester to Dubai so really just wanted someone to ship our goods over. After speaking with James we realized that there was a lot more that DASA could help with which would make our lives easier.

    They helped with everything from finding schools for the boys, helping us find our house in Mira Oasis, going with us to the viewings and then they even helped me get into football games with other expats.

    How did the company assist in planning your move?
    They went through everything with me online, their partners in Manchester carried out the survey and packing but DASA took care of everything else. They provided lots of useful information such as packing do’s and don’t, what to expect, timelines and checklists which helped massively. Moving house is one thing, but moving abroad is a totally different kettle of fish.

  4. What specific services DASA offer you?
    They provided a full door-to-door service which is essentially A to Z of moving, they surveyed, packed, shipped, delivered, unpacked and even tidied the mess from the move. That was the cherry on top for my wife, she loved that the team took away all the cardboard boxes and packing materials. There was no dust or any remnants of the move after the left.

    After the move they helped us with all the settling-in services, helped us with our ID and driving license, advised us of health insurance and even took my wife to the supermarket to find her bearings!

    How did they handle your belongings and ensure their safety?
    I can’t comment as DASA didn’t do the packing, this was done by their partner in the UK but they were also great, with no breakages, and nothing damaged or left behind.

  5. What kind of paperwork and legal processes were involved in your move?
    DASA helped guide us on what to expect but mainly it was the UAE VISA was obtained before the container arrived. We had signed customs forms ahead of time and were kept up to date.

  6. What were your preferences and requirements for an apartment in Dubai?We were looking for a 3-bed apartment with a pool but we didn’t know if that was within budget we told to the office staff and she began sending Whatsapp videos of apartments within a few days. Once we landed she picked us up from our hotel and showed us about 10-20 apartments until my wife was happy! We at first found a place but just as we were going to confirm, the estate agent advised us that the landlord had already leased it which was a big blow as we were then back to square one. After a few more days of searching, we found one we all liked, it was closer to work but further from the kids’ school, but thankfully the pool made up for the longer commute in the morning.

    After we got our ID we moved in, DASA helped set up our utilities with Internet, Gas, DEWA and Air conditioning. This was a lifesaver as it is different from the UK. So much to do!
  7. Were there any services provided to help you settle into your new environment
    Yes, they had an orientation day, it showed us our local mall and supermarkets, the closest hospital and hairdressers. They also downloaded all the apps on our phones such as Careem and Talabat.
  8. Did you encounter any challenges during the relocation process?
    Yes, were very overwhelmed with the paperwork and the full process in all honesty, we had no idea what to bring or what to expect. We also had a huge delay with our belongings coming from the UK due to some congestion at the port, this really stressed us out but DASA kept us in the loop and gave us updates regularly.

    How did DASA address these challenges?

    They were great, they were always on hand with advice either via Whatsapp, email or Teams. It really made the process less daunting as whenever we would have a wobble, they would help out and advise what to do with paperwork, it wasn’t easy with the 3-hour time difference but they never complained.

  9. How would you rate your overall experience with DASA?

    Great service, they took care of absolutely everything and made us feel at home before we even left Manchester. All our concerns were squashed and taken care of!

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