23rd November 2023

Navigating Dubai’s Public Transport

Dubai Road with transport

Dubai Road with transport

Living in Dubai, you’ll quickly discover that walking around neighborhoods isn’t as common. Fear not! Taxis, buses, the metro, and cars will come to your rescue, especially when temperatures soar above 40 degrees (ouch!). Don’t worry too much about the costs – they vary depending on how often you use these modes of transport and which one you opt for. Lets look at Dubai transport options and the costs!

RTA Public Transport!

Dubai boasts an exceptionally well-developed public transport system, offering a diverse range of options to cater to everyone’s preferences. From the sleek and efficient Metro to the convenience of public buses, the availability of taxis, and even the unique experience of water taxis, Dubai has you covered for every journey.

The Metro

The metro is known for being extremely efficient anywhere in the world, so its no surprise that Dubai metro runs like a Swiss watch. It is vital cog in the transport infrastructure in Dubai. The metro spans 90kms across Dubai. There are two main lines – Red and Green.

How to use the metro?

You will need to buy tickets, or a smart pass known as a Nol card. The Nol card is like the Oyster card you will use in London or the MetroCard in New York. There are different types of Nol Cards, they are below.

Metro Timings

The metro runs seven days a week, times are below.

  • Monday to Thursday: 5am to 12am
  • Friday: 5am to 1am (next day)
  • Saturday: 5am to 12am
  • Sunday: 8am to 12am

RTA Public Buses

Buses are economical and efficient; they serve a broader area than the metro. With over 1500 buses, you can be assured your destination will be covered.



Taxis are the most seen vehicle on the road in Dubai, they play a huge part in the transport infrastructure. As everywhere, taxis in Dubai operate with a meter system, which ensures fares are calculated fairly. Taxis can be found at designated taxi stands, malls, supermarkets, hotels and can even be hailed directly on the roads. You can also use apps such as Careem as well as Uber to book your taxi from your phone.


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